Meeting: November 28, 2022

I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. New Business

IV. Old Business

  • Annual Resolutions

V. Committee Reports

1.  Georgica

  • Request from Inter-Science on behalf of 25 Cove Hollow Farm Robot, LLC & 25 Cove Hollow Farm Unicorn, LLC of 25 cove Hollow Farm Rd, SCTM # 301-12-10-5, to close out Trustee Permit GP-1-20, Common Reed Management Permit.

2. Three Mile Harbor

  • Notice from Drew Bennet on behalf of Gardiner’s Marina/ Harbor Lands LLC, 35 Three Mile Harbor HC Rd/ SCTM # 300-93-01-08, informing the Trustees of the proposed improvements to the facility. A Trustee Permit was not submitted as it is not within Trustee jurisdiction as shows in a letter from former Trustee James McCaffrey to Peter Mendelman in Jan. 2004.

3.  Aquaculture

  • Communication from Christine Ganitsch regarding HAB’s in Lionhead Ponds.
  • Conditional Shellfish Area openings for 2023.

4. Accabonac

  • Request from Lisa Ewert Poyer, of behalf of Twin Forks Permits, on behalf of Steven Germain Watersedge Qualified Personal Residence Trust, owners at 75 Waters Edge, SCTM # 300-88-7-10, to reconstruct the existing wooden bulkhead with new vinyl bulkhead in place (Approximately 270 linear feet) & extend an existing 190 linear foot revetment by additional 65 feet to groin along the Southern property line.  

5. Records

  • Thumb drives as part of the application process for construction applications.

6. Education

  • David Rattrey presentation at John Jermain Library, “Plain Sight Project: Study of Slavery on Long Island.”

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:  There are no bills to be paid.

CDs:  CD ending in 6683 (180 Day) will mature on 11/26/22. 

Minutes:  Minutes for the Meeting of November 14, 2022 are available for review.


VII. Report of the Clerk

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