Meeting Agendas

The Suffolk County Public Works Department’s Division of Vector Control commenced the aerial application of mosquito larvicides this week, but Accabonac Harbor was not among the targeted areas. The Health Department
Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment Richard Whalen Esq on behalf of the owner of 864 Springs Fireplace Rd with a request to legalize a change in the size and
Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment The South Fork Wind NYS Fisheries Work Plan Presentation:The Work Plan consists of two studies (fish tagging/acoustic telemetry and a trawl net survey) to
Agenda I.          Roll Call II.         Public Comment Lori MacGarva for the Promised Land Kelp Co. request to cultivate Kelp in Trustee Waters III.        New Business 2021 Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Program IV.       
Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment Lion’s Head Beach Association- Request to renew a permit for Bulkhead replacement with the same terms and conditions. SCTM #300 – 23-2-1Sara Davison, Executive
Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment Dr. Christopher J. Gobler, endowed Chair of Coastal Ecology and Conservation, Stony Brook University, SOMAS will present the results of his 2020 Water Quality

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