Meeting Agendas

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Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment III. New Business 2022 Largest Clam Contest: Confirm Date IV. Old Business Final Horseshoe Crab Count for 2021Full Moon Accabonac Harbor Mosquito Larvae Count
East Hampton Town Trustees Logo
Agenda  I. Roll Call II.  Public Comment Inter-Science 24 West End Rd, LLC renew Trustee Permit GP #2-21, SCTM# 301-15-3-5.1 for the management of PhragmiteInter -Science Zee I, LLC & Zon II,
Agenda I.   Roll Call II.  Public Comment Timothy Treadwell, Sr Harbormaster, Commanding Officer – Conversation with TrusteesBruce Horwith – Multiple Phragmite Projects III.  New Business IV.   Old Business 2022 Horseshoe Crab Monitoring: Program
Agenda I.  Roll Call: II. Public Hearing: Hearing of Public Comment regarding Open Meetings LawBoard Discussion Open Meetings Procedures Resolution Proposal(opens in a new tab) III. New Business: Dr. Chris Gobler 2022 ProposalPride
Agenda I.    Roll Call II.  Public Comment Request from Chris Vatter for a memorandum of completion for re-construction of bulkhead, deck and shed at 272 Shore Rd Lots 8 & 9 in Lazy
Agenda – Meeting is in person tonight I. Roll Call II. Public Comment Dr. Christopher J. Gobler Trustee Water’s annual report III. New Business 2022 Season Piping Plover Monitoring IV.  Old Business Kayak RacksMoorings

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