Pump-out Boats

We recognize the importance of leisure time on the water and the allure of recreational vessels to call East Hampton home and, or a destination. In order to allow for this, the people must take responsibility for the threats this use creates in our estuaries. To do our part, the trustees maintain a state of the art sewage pumpout fleet in Three Mile Harbor and Lake Montauk. We offer free sewage pump-out to any and all vessels within our bays. All vessels must keep the sewage they create out of our common waters.

We encourage folks to call 631-329-3078, or hail our courteous and friendly boat captains on VHF Channel 73. The community as a whole can benefit in many ways from shared responsible use of the harbors and bays. It is imperative for you to do your part.


Mike Martinsen | Tim Garneau | Bill Taylor