Docks: New Policies

In 2021, the Trustees embarked on a comprehensive review, assessment and inventory of all residential docks, floating docks, floating structures, catwalks and platforms for all Trustee bottomlands and waterways. As a result of this review, the Trustees determined identified a need for updated and comprehensive policies regarding the management and monitoring of all docks, floating docks, floating structures, catwalks and platforms. These updated policies will create uniformity in the management of all residential docks and for all dock agreement holders.

During the regular meeting of the Board, held on December 11, 2023, the Trustees passed and adopted three resolutions pertaining to the management of all docks in Trustee bottomlands and waterways. The following Resolutions were passed and can be read in their entirety below:

  1. Trustee Resolution 2023 – 36: Resolution Adopting New Policies For The Continued Management And Monitoring Of All Docks In Trustee Waters Resulting From The Trustees’ Comprehensive Dock Inventory.
  2. Trustee Resolution 2023-37: Resolution Prohibiting Any New Residential “Enlarges Bottom Steps” , “Platforms” , Or Any Other Type Of Structure, Regardless Of Its Intended Use, In The Entirety Of Georgica Pond, Georgica Cove, Wainscott Pond, Hook Pond, And Northwest Creek.
  3. Trustee Resolution 2023-38: Resolution Prohibiting The Construction Of Any New Residential Docks, Fixed Or Floating In The Entirety Of Three Mile Harbor.

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