Accabonac Harbor & Hog Creek

Accabonac Harbor

Accabonac Harbor and Neighboring Hog Creek are often considered the Heartland of East Hampton. Accabonac Harbor or as it is known by the locals, “Bonac Crick”, has been a stronghold of fishing activity for centuries. Dories and other workboats line the shoreline on pulley rigged moorings, ready to set off for lifting pound traps or other near shore commercial fishing activities. This waterbody is well represented in our aquaculture efforts and a relative abundance of hard clams and oysters can be found on the bottomlands. Sport fishing is also popular at the inlet and along the inner and outer shoreline. Other forms of outdoor recreation, such as kayaking, paddleboarding and sailing are popular on this waterbody. The Trustees manage dredging activities on this harbor and clear the north culvert and the main inlet on a regular basis. Kayak racks are available via lottery each winter and the outer beaches are great for walking and picnicking. Boat moorings are popular and do become available from time to time.

Hog Creek

Hog creek is a smaller waterbody that is home to two private marinas. Recent community preservation purchases have made access to this well protected water body more attainable. While smaller in size it does offer a nice paddling opportunity when it is windy. Good fishing exists at the inlet and outer shoreline.

The East Hampton Shellfish Hatchery created an oyster growing farm for the public to join in 2018.


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