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Last night’s Trustee meeting of 1/24/22 included Joyce Novak, PhD. the Executive Director of PEP- the Trustees have worked on several projects that include PEP. We attend their meetings to keep up to date with environmental issues and solutions. Future plans this year include the rehabilitation of Accabonac Harbor’s saltmarsh
On Monday, November 22nd, the East Hampton Town Trustees voted unanimously for a one year moratorium on all new residential docks, catwalks, floating docks, floating structures, and platforms in Trustee waters. The resolution was offered by John Aldred and seconded by Susan McGraw-Keber. For the complete Trustee Resolution #2021-11-22, click
Vote Is Unanimous During the moratorium, the East Hampton Town Trustees will conduct an inventory of all docks in waterways under their jurisdiction, among them Three Mile Harbor. Photo: Durell Godfrey Town Trustees Push Pause on Some Docks By Chris Walsh The East Hampton Town Trustees voted unanimously on Monday
Commercial Fishing Interests & Stakeholders Map of artificial reefs off the coast of Long Island, NY. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has planned the expansions of seven existing artificial reefs and the creation of four new sites and is seeking feedback from commercial fishing interests to gain information that will
The East Hampton Town Trustees are stewards of the waterways- we are continually concerned with the health of all water bodies in our community as well as our aquifer as it is our single source of drinking and bathing water. We work with Dr. Christopher Gobler of Gobler Labs of

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