Meeting: March 11, 2024


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  • Request from Russell Schlitt, leaseholder at 161 Shore Rd, Lot 36S, SCTM# 300-85-1-33.1, in Lazy Point, for permission to do an emergency roof replacement.

III. New Business

  • Request from Land Use Ecological Services, Inc. on behalf of the owners of 31 Lookout Lane, SCTM# 300-83-4-9, to reconstruct the existing bulkhead utilizing vinyl sheathing.

IV. Committee Reports

  • Largest Clam Contest – Budget
  • SCALP – Public Notice Received

V. Administrative

Payment of the Bills: Optimum – $161.24; Van Dyke and Hand – $800- accounting services; EH Star – $38.83 -legal ads & notices; Hodgson Russ, LLP $123,310.80 – Legal Service.

Minutes: Minutes from the meeting of February 26, 2024

VI. Report of the Clerk

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