Stony Brook University – Water Quality Reviews

The water quality of Long Island’s estuaries are impaired according to Dr. Christopher Gobler and his colleagues after examining the results of extensive testing of waters. The results are bleak and the causes are familiar—excessive delivery of nitrogen from onsite wastewater is the main cause.

With warming temperatures during the summer months, harmful algae blooms (HABs) contaminate water bodies. Dr. Gobler asserts that a combination of factors contribute to the poor water quality. Climate change and excessive nitrogen that seeps into the ground and ultimately waterways, are of great concern. Predictions of more frequent and heavy rainfall is another factor that adds to the problem.

The Trustees have been working with Dr. Gobler on an annual basis to ascertain water quality of the harbors, specifically Three Mile, Accabonac, Northwest, and Napeague. In the last few weeks a remote catamaran was deployed to take samples. This is a novel method for Gobler Labs and the first time the device/craft is being used to sample harbor waters in East Hampton.

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Dr. Christopher Gobler of Stony Brook University announcing the findings of water quality on Long Island, October 7, 2021.

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