October 15, 2021

I. Roll Call:

II.  Public Comment:

  1. Judith Weis – Slide Show Presentation on “Pollution in Long Island’s Waters.”

III. New Business:

  1. Dr. Gobler lab initial SAV run in Georgica, Three Mile, Accabonac and Napeague Harbors as per John Aldred.
  2. Encroachment of beach end of Crassen Blvd – Public being denied access by those living there – received Bay men complaint as per Jim Grimes.
  3. EH Village Fall Festival – Trustee table for Merchandise sale benefiting Capt. Rysam Scholarship Fund.
  4. Trustee Credit Card – Board Discussion.

IV. Old Business:

  1. Review of Estimate from Whitney Landscaping Co. to remove dead trees on Trustee Property & at Trustee office.
  2. Update on Opening of Georgica Cut.
  3. Trustee private visit to the Mabel and Victor D’Amico Studio and Archive on Sunday, October 24th at 10am.
  4. Largest Clam Contest: Update, Wins & Opportunities Discussion
    1. Bill Taylor – Clam Pie Contest in Spring Idea
  5. Dredging of Little Northwest Creek Bid Opening – Public Notice in EH Star for issues on 7th & 14th.  Bid opening Oct. 18th @ 2 pm.
  6. Request from bay men for one year trial Power soft clams year-round – revisit conversation brought to Board by Dan Lester in July
  7. Preliminary discussion with Southampton Trustees regarding USFWS Incidental Take Permit to facilitate emergency letting of Georgica Pond.

IV. Committee Reports:

  1. Accabonac/ Hog Creek:
    1. Request to close out Trustee Permit HC#1-20 @ 305 Kings Point Road.
    2. Revisit request by Rick Whalen on behalf of Cynthia Crain of 864 Springs Fireplace Rd. SCTM# 300-63-3-29.5 to approve walkway.
  2. Georgica:
    1. 19 Chauncey Close – SCTM# 301-15-106 – Update on Temporary Construction Dewatering project

V. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills: Optimum: $152.02; D.B. Bennett P.E, P.C (Drew Bennet for Engineering services to prepare bid book for bidding of LNWC Dredging Project): $377.50; Montauk Marine Basin (3 Invoices) $89.01 gas, $69.43 gas, $68.32 Bleach & gas; Mike DiSunno & Son, Inc. – $800 Open Pond Excavator 4 hrs on 9/28/21.
  2. Minutes: August 9, 2021

VII. Report of the Clerk:

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