Meeting Agendas

Agenda I. Public Comment: 1) Kim Barbour- Cornell Cooperative Extension II. New Business: Accabonac/Hog Creek-a) Request from Building Inspector to issue C.O. to K. Donati at 93 Gerard Drive; b) Application
Agenda I. Public Comment: S. Davison- Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation, Inc. II. New Business: Accabonac/Hog Creek- a) B. Sullivan at 93 Gerard DriveBeaches- a) Village ZBA- Notice of Hearing re:
Agenda I. Public Comment: 1) John (Barley) Dunne- Shellfish Hatchery 2) Clint Plumber- Deep Water Wind Farm II. New Business: 1) Beaches- a) ZBA Public Hearing Notice- application of L. V.
Agenda I. Public Comment: Dr. Christopher Gobler- 2016 Water Quality Study II. New Business: Aquaculture- Pump-out boat annual numbers reportBeaches- a) Application of R. Plotkin for staircase construction at 271 Marine
Agenda I. Public Comment: II. New Business: Accabonac/Hog Creek: a) Magovern- bulkhead repair at 287 Kings Point Road- as-built survey received; b) Rosecan bluff restoration- request for a 3 day extension
Agenda I. Public Comment: Presentation by K. Barbour of Cornell Cooperative Extension re: habitat restorationJohn (Barley) Dunne- shellfish brochure & Three Mile Harbor oyster garden II. New Business: Beaches: a) Beach

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