Meeting: April 10, 2023


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

John Mannix from the Bluff Road Historic District

III. New Business

Keith Grimes Inc. on behalf of the owners of 91 Water’s Edge with an application to remove and replace their existing bulkhead.

Water Quality Testing of the Trustee Ponds in Lion Head Beach Community.

IV. Old Business

Moorings – Applicants with more than one mooring in different harbors, permit holders not using mooring & wait list.

V. Committee Reports


The scholarship applications are ready to be picked up from the EHHS.

VI. Committee Liaison Reports:

VII. Administrative:

  • a) Amagansett Post Office – $354.00 – annual box rental; b) Drew B. Bennett, P.E. P.C. – $2,276.76 – Engineering fees to dredge the Accabonac Harbor East Inlet; c) Bistrian Materials, Inc. – $70,200.00 – Land based excavator dredging of the Accabonac Harbor East Inlet; d) East Hampton Business Services – $154.60 – print and bind Gobler report; e) Optimum – $146.97; f) Wittendales – $92.00.

VIII. Report of the Clerk

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