January 10, 2022


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. Revisit Tabled Annual Resolutions

  1. Annual Resolution #2022-23 (pg. 27) RE: Harbor Management Committee
  2. Annual Resolution #2022-24 (pg. 28) Re: Pump Out Boat Senior Operator wage.

IV. New Business

  1. Assignment of Committees
    1. Accabonac Harbor / Hog Creek:
    2. Aquaculture:
    3. Beaches:
    4. Education:
    5. Finance:
    6. Georgica/Other Ponds:
    7. Harbor Management:
    8. Napeague/Lazy Point:
    9. Northwest Creek:
    10. Pump-Out Boats:
    11. Records/Internet/Website:
    12. Roads:
    13. Three Mile Harbor:
    14. Liaison/ Peconic Estuary Program:
    15. Liaison/ Energy Sustainability Committee:
    16. Liaison/ Nature Preserve Committee:

V. Old Business

Napeague/Lazy Point
  1. Request from Susan Stadler to add her daughter, Carley Drew to her lease at 191 Shore Road, Lot 29 S in Lazy Point.
  1. Rich Brierley, on behalf of the owners of 19 Chauncey Close – SCTM# 301-15-1-6, Update on Temporary Construction Dewatering project request.
  1. Multiple Requests from last year’s Kayak permit holders to have assigned spots for the 2022 season.  Suggestions from office: Does the board wish to limit 2 lottery entries per household?
  2. Moorings: Revisit conversation around Staking and/or marking Mooring spots at: Louse Point South near parking lot, Babes Lane & Gerard Park. Considerations: hire a marine contractor to stake/mark locations.
  3. Revisit conversation from 2021 Season around mooring misplacements in Northwest & Three Mile Harbor.
    1. Contractors and permit holders not using GPS coordinates provided by office
    2. Inspections of Moorings

VI. Administrative

  1. Payment of the Bills: Patrick Bistrain Jr., Inc. – $105, 400.00 (LNWC sediment removal and re-use); East Hampton Marina – $620.01 (total for Invoices #55704, #21193, #16936 and #57735 for gas, oil and winterize/store boat); Staples – $437.75 total (December invoices for office supplies and printer ink); East Hampton Star $48.39 (legal ad); CNA Surety – 4 x $875 for Bond #’s 72118900, #72125773, #71742945 and #71742948 (Financial Bonding of Clerk, 2 Deputy Clerks and Trustee Secretary).
  2. Renewal of CD: account ending in 5679

Report of the Clerk

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