September 13, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. Melissa Winslow, Senior Environmental Analyst, Town of East Hampton  and Billy Hajek, Planner, Village of East Hampton to discuss the Cove Hollow Pipe Project
  2. Tim O’Rourke and Dr. Andy J. Danylchuk – “Stripers in the Lake” Study
  3. David Larkin and Terry Marks- 10 Ingalls Rd and 11 Ingalls Rd –  discuss Shoreline erosion  problem at their properties
  4. Dr. Joseph Scalia regarding his property located at 94 Runnymeade Dr, SCTM# 300-23-04-12, has applied to the Trustees for permission to build a retractable aluminum ladder to the beach from his bulkhead.  He currently has DEC and ZBA approval to build a 45 stairway down his bluff to the bulkhead and will revegetate his bluff.

III. New Business

  1. Invitation to the Trustees to Visit to the Mabel and Victor A. D’Amico Studio and Archive in Lazy Point
  2. East Hampton Village Centennial Celebration and Parade
  3. NYS Assembly Public Hearing regarding Neonicotinoid Pesticides – Purpose to examine their impact on pollinators and the environment
  4. Dead Tree on Trustee owned land on Boatyard Lane hanging over home at 2 Boatyard Lane.

IV. Old Business

  1. Dredging of Little Northwest Creek
  2. Opening of the Georgica Gut
  3. Largest Clam Contest
  4. Balloon Legislation banning sale of Gas filled Balloons in East Hampton Town
  5. South Fork Sea Farmers – Oyster Reef in Accabonac Harbor

V. Committee Reports

  1. Turtle Crossing Signs  available for sale for $10 to benefit the Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship Fund
Lazy Point/Napeague
  1. Request from Pamela Keen leaseholder of 177 Shore Road, Lot 32S and p/o 33S, for approval to sub-lease her home to Sara Tallett, a resident of the Town of East Hampton.
Pump out Boat
  1. Update on the 2021 Season

VI. Administrative

  • Payment of Bills:  a) East Hampton Marina – $315.79 (Gas and Oil);  b) Optimum – $152.02; c) Montauk Marine Basin – $1,385.90 (Gas and Supplies); d) Van Dyke and Hand – $880.00 ( Trustee Accountant).
  • Financials: for the Month ended August 31, 2021

VII. Report of the Clerk:

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