South Fork Wind Fisheries Study

Acoustic Telemetry Sensor Positions off Wainscott

An array of acoustic sensors has been placed in the ocean off Wainscott as part of the South Fork Wind Fisheries Study being conducted by Stony Brook University. The five year study will evaluate possible nearshore effects on migratory and other fish behavior resulting from South Fork Wind Farm’s export cable bringing power from their offshore generators to a landing at Beach Lane.

The array covers the cable route in New York State waters, out to 7 miles.

The sub surface sensors are anchored to the bottom and therefore pose a possible obstruction to anything being pulled by a boat, including nets and trawl or other fishing lines. The following is a graphic depiction of the entire array of sensors and a listing of each sensor’s position, by latitude and longitude. 

VPS First Row 1VPS40.91605-72.234066666667
VPS First Row 2VPS40.913233333333-72.231783333333
VPS First Row 3VPS40.910416666667-72.2295
VPS First Row 4VPS40.907583333333-72.227233333333
VPS First Row 5VPS40.904816666667-72.224933333333
VPS Second Row 1VPS40.917583333333-72.230216666667
VPS Second Row 2VPS40.914766666667-72.227916666667
VPS Second Row 3VPS40.911933333333-72.225616666667
VPS Second Row 4VPS40.909066666667-72.223333333333
VPS Second Row 5VPS40.906266666667-72.221033333333
VPS Third Row 1VPS40.91925-72.226416666667
VPS Third Row 2VPS40.916433333333-72.22415
VPS Third Row 3VPS40.913616666667-72.221866666667
VPS Third Row 4VPS40.910833333333-72.219566666667
VPS Third Row 5VPS40.908016666667-72.2173
VPS Fourth Row 1VPS40.9206-72.222466666667
VPS Fourth Row 2VPS40.9178-72.2202
VPS Fourth Row 3VPS40.915-72.217916666667
VPS Fourth Row 4VPS40.9122-72.215633333333
VPS Fourth Row 5VPS40.9094-72.2134
West Approach 1Approach40.892533333333-72.27675
West Approach 2Approach40.883216666667-72.269433333333
West Approach 3Approach40.87395-72.262116666667
West Approach 4Approach40.864683333333-72.2548
West Approach 5Approach40.854983333333-72.247083333333
West Approach 6Approach40.845266666667-72.239433333333
West Approach 7Approach40.83605-72.232033333333
West Approach 8Approach40.82625-72.224433333333
Cable Approach 2Approach40.90095-72.21505
Cable Approach 3Approach40.89235-72.207616666667
Cable Approach 4Approach40.8828-72.200083333333
Cable Approach 5Approach40.8731-72.1924
Cable Approach 6Approach40.8634-72.184583333333
Cable Approach 7Approach40.853683333333-72.176783333333
Cable Approach 8Approach40.84405-72.1692
East Approach 1Approach40.9327-72.170416666667
East Approach 2Approach40.922483333333-72.1623
East Approach 3Approach40.912266666667-72.154266666667
East Approach 4Approach40.902066666667-72.146116666667
East Approach 5Approach40.891833333333-72.138083333333
East Approach 6Approach40.8816-72.1301
East Approach 7Approach40.871383333333-72.122033333333
East Approach 8Approach40.861533333333-72.114616666667
Realtime EastRealtime40.942516666667-72.178033333333
Realtime CableRealtime40.92375-72.232133333333
Realtime WestRealtime40.901766666667-72.284133333333

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