August 23, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. John “Barley” Dunne, Director of the East Hampton Town Shellfish Hatchery to discuss kelp culture in Trustee waters.
  2. Bob Tymann, who works with the South Fork Sea Farmers, with a proposal for an Oyster Reef in Accabonac Harbor
  3. Thomas Osborne of Osborne and McGowan, P.C., on behalf of the owners of 141 Merchants Path, SCTM # 300-155-1-36.3 with a request, to be granted an access easement over a Trustee Road.

III. New Business

Accabonac/Hog Creek:
  1. Keith Grimes Inc. requesting access over the Trustee Beach to do sand replenishment behind the bulkhead of Big Rock Holdings, LLC at 36 Louse Point Rd
  2. Application from Kenneth Dodge, owner of 326 Kings Point Road, SCTM# 300-24-4-7, to place a 5’ by 5’floating platform in his boat basin, so he can access the water and his oysters.
  3. CBPOA has submitted an application to renew their annual dredging permit under the same terms and conditions as last year.
  1. Request from Susan McGraw Keber for a letter of support from the Trustees, regarding the Town’s new draft legislation banning the sale and distribution of helium and gas filled balloons in the Town of East Hampton. This Ban does not effect East Hampton Village.
Napeague/ Lazy Point
  1. Request from Amy and Adam King, leaseholders at 176 Shore Rd, Lot #32N in Lazy Point, to keep a pod on the vacant land next to their house, so they can pack up, to move out, before transferring their leasehold to Margaret Schlitt.
  2. Request from Susan Knobel, leaseholder of 100 Shore Road, Lots # 52N & #53N, in Lazy Point, for an emergency permit to replenish the biodegradable sand bags in front of her home. She has also applied for a new annual permit for this upcoming year.
  3. Request from Daniel Neuwirth, leaseholder of 216 Shore Rd, Lot #21N, in Lazy Point to sublease his leasehold to Jamie Kohl, resident of the Town of East Hampton.
Three Mile Harbor
  1. ZBA notice of Complete Application from Joel Halsey of Lighthouse Land Planning, on behalf of George Schwarz, owner of 32 Hedges Bank Drive, SCTM # 300-35-5-1, who has applied to the Town for permission to install a pool, pool house and deck.

IV. Old Business

  1. Largest Clam Contest
  2. Update from the Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee

V. Committee Reports

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:  a) Nawrocki Smith, CPA – $8,000.00 (Auditor); b) East Hampton Marina – $123.08 (gas).

VII. Report of the Clerk

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