Mosquito larvae water sampling for Summer 2021 has begun!

The first mosquito larvae survey of the season, in partnership with Suffolk County Vector Control, took place on the Accabonac Harbor Salt marsh on Monday June 14th. Trustees Susan McGraw-Keber and John Aldred, along with other volunteers surveyed their quadrants early Monday morning. The result: due to the low breeding of mosquito larvae there will be no treatment this week!

The red dots on the map below indicate the “hot spots” where mosquito larvae were located during the survey. The sampling data are collected and sent to Suffolk County Vector Control for analysis in real time. The data allow Suffolk County Vector Control to make weekly determinations as to the need for treatment of the marsh. As the summer progresses warm weather and rainfall may result in increased mosquito larvae found in expected “hot spots.” These “hot spots” have been identified in previous summer seasons.

Image 1: Map of Mosquito Larvae Survey results compiled by Suffolk County Vector Control
Image 2: Pupal Shell Casings after Adult mosquitos have recently hatched. Found at one of the above “hotspots.”

Image 3: Lifecycle of the mosquito with the pupal shell casing labeled as “Adult Emerges.”


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