May 10, 2021


I.          Roll Call

II.         Public Comment

  1. Lori MacGarva for the Promised Land Kelp Co. request to cultivate Kelp in Trustee Waters

III.        New Business

  1. 2021 Horseshoe Crab Monitoring Program

IV.        Old Business

  1. Staggering of Trustee Elections

V.         Committee Reports

  1. Request from Inter-Science to close out Trustee Permit B # 1–21 issued to 85 West End Road, SCTM# 301-15-5-14.1 for dune restoration.
  2. Request from Inter-Science to close out Trustee Permit  B # 2-21, issued to 93 West End Road, SCTM# 301-15-5-16.2 for dune restoration.
Harbor Management
  1. Committee Report
Lazy Point/ Napeague
  1. Request from Louis E. Havel, 50% leaseholder of 160 Shore Rd, Lot 36N, SCTM# 300-85-1-17.01, in Lazy Point, to transfer his 50% ownership of the lease that he shares with his daughter, Kimberly A. Colletti, to his son Edward R. Havel.  Edward has submitted his paperwork verifying he is a resident of the Town of East Hampton.
  1. Proposal of the Management and Administration of the Trustee Website received and distributed from Michael Hansen

VI.        Administrative

  1. Payment of Bills:  a) Optimum  $152.58; b) East Hampton Business Services – $368.22 ( Printing of the Georgica Management Plan); c) Drew B. Bennett, PE, PC – $907.13 (Modification of the DEC permit for the Gerard Dr Culvert)
  2. Financials: for the month ended April 30, 2021

VII.       Report of the Clerk

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