April 26, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. Lion’s Head Beach Association- Request to renew a permit for Bulkhead replacement with the same terms and conditions. SCTM #300 – 23-2-1
  2. Sara Davison, Executive Director of the Friends of Georgica Pond – Presentation of Georgica Pond Management Plan to be submitted to the DEC as a requirement of the permit.
  3. Madeline Narvilas, Esq, regarding the application of Mr. McGinn & Mr. Carey, owners of 275 TMH, HC Rd, SCTM#300-75-1-32.2, to construct a new dock in front of their home.

III. New Business

  1. Request from the Promised Land Kelp Company to lease bottomland from the East Hampton Town Trustees.
Lazy Point/ Napeague
  1. Request from the Community for “Carry In – Carry Out” signage to control the litter problem.

IV. Old Business

  1. Dr. Gobler’s proposed 2021 Water Quality Testing
  2. Powering of Soft Clams

V. Committee Reports

  1. The East Hampton Town, Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee is currently reviewing grant applications.
  2. Accabonac Harbor Salt Marsh
  1. Outreach with Avenues School – Presentation about balloon litter and water protection measures.
  2. 2021 Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship applications
Lazy Point/ Napeague
  1. Devon Yacht Club-Request to close out Trustee Permits  Nap #1 -21 and Nap #2 -21, SCTM #300 – 127-3-16 & 17, for Dredging and Jetty Replacement. 
  2. Pamela Keen-leaseholder in Lazy Point of 177 Shore Rd, Lots  32S & p/o 33S, SCTM #300 – 85-1-34.1, for permission to repair her fence which has suffered storm damage.

VI. Administrative

1) Payment of Bills:  a) Optimum  $152.58

VII. Report of the Clerk

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