February 8, 2021


I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

  1. James L. Walker on behalf of the Devon Yacht Club with an application to renew their jetty repair project. Located at Abrahams Landing Rd and Bendigo Rd, SCTM# 300-127-3-16.
  2. Eric Brown, Esq. and Scott Dobriner, with a request for a permit modification to Trustee Permit GP #4–20 issued on September 9, 2020 for phragmite management, to reflect the conditions of the East Hampton Village permit issued to the owners of 24 West End Road SCTM# 301-15-3-5.1
  3. Billy Mack, with a request to close out the permit issued to 115–123 Waters Edge Road, SCTM# 300-83-7-2 & 3, issued for bulkhead replacement.
  4. Rick Whalen, Esq., on behalf of Cynthia Crain, regarding her Dock at 864 Springs Fireplace Road, SCTM# 300-63-3-29.5.
  5. Madeline Narvilas, Esq, Tyler Armstrong and Mr. John McGinn, regarding the application of Mr. McGinn & Mr. Carey of 275 TMH, HC Rd, SCTM# 300-75-1-32.2, to construct a new dock in front of their home.

III. New Business:

Three Mile Harbor:
  1. 2021 Transient Mooring Program – Seacoast Enterprises Associates, Inc. has requested to add a seventh Transient mooring to its existing transient moorings in Three Mile Harbor this season.

IV. Old Business:

  1. Kayak and Moorings– Rules and Regulations – Committee Report

V. Committee Reports:

  1. Town Line Road
    1. Remove from Google and other GPS driving map systems. Correct its designation on maps to show that Town Line Road is a dirt and sand road, not a regular paved road.
    2. Organize garbage cleanup and signage for Town Line Road.
  2. Shore Road, Lazy Point, west of 312 Shore Road. Allow area residents to repair a short, rutted out section of road which connects too the paved portion of Shore Road.

VI. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills: a) Staples – $118.38 (office supplies); b) Optimum – $136.83; c) East Hampton Business Services – $305.57
  2. Minutes: November 9, 2020 and November 23, 2020
  3. Financial Reports: for the month ended December 31, 2020
  4. Renewal of the Certificate of Deposit: ended in 1633

VII. Report of the Clerk:

  1. Discuss the staggering of election cycles for Trustees

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