Meeting: October 26, 2020


I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

  1. Madeline Narvalis
  2. Scott Bluedorn

III. New Business:


2021 Accabonac Harbor Mosquito Larvae Survey

Harbor Management:

  1. Lion’s Head Beach Association – Requests help with scouring at the edge of their bulkhead.

Napeague/Lazy Point:

  1. Request from Michael Walton, who is the leaseholder at 273 Shore Road, Lot 8S at Lazy Point to replace his front windows and to raise his roof

IV. Old Business:

  1. Accabonac East Channel – dredge spoil placement
  2. “Bonac Blind” by Scott Bluedorn 2 week extension

V. Committee Reports:

Georgica Pond:

  1. Vote to re-open the Georgica Gut
  2. Georgica Pond Dredging bid

Harbor Management:

  1. Bid package for Fresh Pond

Napeague/Lazy Point:

  1. Application received on behalf of 4 property owners, 611 Lazy Point Road, 619 Lazy Point Road, 621 Lazy Point Road and 623 Lazy Point Road for a joint coastal erosion remediation plan.


  1. Town Line Road/ Merchants Path

Three Mile Harbor:

  1. Application from McGinn, owner of 275 Three Mile Harbor Road, SCTM# 300-

75-10-32.2; application for a new dock, bulkhead replacement approved

VI. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills:
  2. Request for advance payment: Steve Boerner requests $1,250 to be taken out of his final payment of $5000. Payment is for Historic Research determining Trustee ownership in NW area of East Hampton.
  3. Minutes:
  4. Financial Reports: for the month ended September 30, 2020

VII. Report of the Clerk:

  1. Host Community Agreement

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