Meeting: October 16, 2020


I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

  1. Laurie Wiltshire
  2. Madeline Narvilas
  3. Britton Bistrian

III. New Business:


  1. Recent NYSDEC water quality classification changes

Napeague/Lazy Point:

  1. Request from Susan Stadler who has the leasehold located at 191 Shore Road, Lot 29S at Lazy Point to extend her 6 month lease with, Sabine Tulp

IV. Old Business:

  1. Resolution to purchase new Montauk Pump out Boat
  2. Scallop Resolution
  3. Accabonac East Channel dredging in progress
  4. Coyote Survey Donation – Mike Bottini
  5. “Bonac Blind” by Scott Bluedorn
  6. Largest Clam Contest

V. Committee Reports:


  1. Captain W. Rysam Scholarship Fund
  2. Balloon fish items

Georgica Pond:

  1. Georgica Pond Dredging bid and opening of the gut
  2. Renewal of Trustee Permit GP #3-2019, with modifications. Property is owned by Floken, LLC. Located at 17 Georgica Association Road, SCTM# 300-200-3-15 in Wainscott

Harbor Management:

  1. Request from the Clearwater Beach Property Owner’s Association to renew their 2019 dredging permit for their annual 2020 dredging of the Hog Creek inlet.
  2. Bid package for Fresh Pond

Napeague/Lazy Point:

  1. ZBA hearing for Heidi Ho, 212 Shore Road in Lazy Point. Applications to renovate to FEMA requirements
  2. Dan and Julie Resnick, 72 Shore Drive East, off Crassen Boulevard on Napeague Harbor. Application to renovate to FEMA requirements.
  3. Application received on behalf of 4 property owners, 611 Lazy Point Road, 619 Lazy Point Road, 621 Lazy Point Road and 623 Lazy Point Road for a joint coastal erosion remediation plan.
  4. Request to close out Trustee Permit issued to the Art Barge for bulkhead replacement.


  1. Town Line Road/ Merchants Path

Three Mile Harbor:

  1. Application from McGinn, owner of 275 Three Mile Harbor Road, SCTM# 300-75-10-32.2 for Bulkhead replacement. The owner is separating the application from its new dock and bulkhead replacement application.

VI. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills:
    1. East Hampton Marina – $482.01 (Montauk engine repair);
    2. Montauk Printing – $85.00 (poster for Largest Clam Contest);
    3. Optimum – $136.83
  2. Minutes:
  3. Financial Reports: for the month ended September 30, 2020
  4. Renewal of Certificate of Deposit: ended in 0232

VII. Report of the Clerk:

1) Host Community Agreement

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