Meeting: November 14, 2016


I. Public Comment:

  1. Z. Cohen- Nature Preserve Committee

II. New Business:

  1. Beaches: a) Application of LPL, LLC- dune restoration, stairway and sand fence
  2. Georgica/Ponds- a) Hook Pond Bridge
  3. Three Mile Harbor- a) Application of 37 Milina Drive- stairway construction; b) Reid- 30 Hedges Banks Drive

III. Old Business:

  1. Trustee Policies and Procedures for Shoreline Fencing
  2. Middle Highway- deed
  3. Letter from Department of the Army re: the application to dredge a section of Georgica Cove

IV. Committee Reports:

Accabonac/Hog Creek-
  1. Accabonac dredging- status
  2. Application of Clearwater Beach Property Owners Association- maintenance dredging- copy of letter from Army Corps of Engineers
  1. Weprin- sand fence at 51 Marine Boulevard
  1. Phragmite control applications: a) One Association Road (MyWifeReallyLikesIt)- updated site plans; b) Ackerman at 290 Georgica Road; c) Application of V. Casmir-Lambert at 15 Chauncey Close; d) David Gallo (Skylight East, LLC) at 94 Apaquogue Road
  2. Dredging/excavation- GEI permit modification request
  3. MMR Real Estate Holdings, LLC- Understanding of Intent
Harbor Management-
  1. Meeting results
Three Mile Harbor-
  1. Three Mile Harbor Marina- Notice of Complete Application Natural Resources Special Permit
  2. Hoffman- 56 Hedges Banks Drive- inspection

V. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills- a) Optimum- $155.65; b) Cook Maran Associates- $3,500 (bonds); c) Seacoast Enterprises Associates- $64.00 (fuel for pump-out boat); d) A. Tohill, P.C.- White Sands- $183.75; e) The Seafood Shop- $500.00 (LLC- clams for chowder); f) Riverhead Building Supply- $108.19 (pump-out boat maintenance); g) East Hampton Star- $68.96; h) Star Island Yacht Club- $81.26
  2. Minutes- a) August 22, 2016
  3. Memo from Purchasing re: year-end submissions

VI. Report of the Clerk

VII. Correspondence:

  1. Peconic Estuary Program- CAC meeting
  2. Southold Board of Trustees- resolution re: to scallop season
  3. Notice of Complete Application Natural Resources Special Permit- J. Griffith for demolishment of residence at 60 Hedges Banks Drive
  4. Public Notice- Request for written comments on proposed Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Assignment
  5. Clean Water State Revolving Fund Federal Fiscal Year 2016- Final Intended Use Plan

VIII. Legal

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