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Are Striped Bass Breeding in Lake Montauk?

Lake Montauk “is essentially a closed system, which only provides one exit and entry to the environment,” said Tim O’Rourke, a Montauk fisherman. Photo by Russell Drumm. At their first in-person meeting in 16 months, the East Hampton Town Trustees heard from Tim O’Rourke, a Montauk fisherman, who soughtRead More
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Meeting: July 12, 2021

Agenda I. Roll Call II. Public Comment Tim O’Rourke – Striped Bass Study III. New Business Beaches 38 Two Mile Hollow Rd – SCTM: 301-10-1-32 – Application for sand fencing Trustee Beach Clean-up at Barcelona Point Beach, also known as the Linda Gronlund Memorial Nature Preserve Napeague/ Lazy PointRead More
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Feds Declare Peconic Bay Scallops A Disaster

Federal aid is available to baymen who lost revenue after two dismal scalloping seasons. The U.S. Department of Commerce has declared the Peconic Bay scallop a fishery disaster, making baymen who rely on the harvest of the scallops for income and the efforts to restore the scallop stocks eligibleRead More
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Piping Plover Summer in the Hamptons

Photo courtesy of the East Hampton Department of Natural Resources. Piping plovers are currently nesting and raising young on East Hampton beaches. Please be mindful of these areas and respect blocked off locations. The fencing is up temporarily to provide chicks with protection after they hatch and before theyRead More
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Beach Parking Permits

Reminder New beach parking permits are required this year for East Hampton Town residents. Stickers are free for residents, but you must have a 2021 sticker to park legally at our beaches. Renewal is now required every five years. Permits are issued by the Town Clerk. Info and linkRead More

Ocean Beaches

The Trustees generally claim ownership of certain ocean beaches WEST of Napeague Lane to Georgica Association and WEST of Georgica Association to East of Town Line Road.

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