January 24, 2022

I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

III. Revisit Tabled Annual Resolutions:

  1. Annual Resolution #2022-23 (pg. 27) RE: Harbor Management Committee
  2. Annual Resolution #2022-24 (pg. 28) Re: Pump Out Boat Senior Operator wage.

IV. New Business:

  1. Permit application from Land Use Ecological Services on behalf of Love Shack, LLC at 73 Louse Point Rd. SCTM# 300-83-3-10.2 & 11 for reconstruction of 205 ft of existing bulkhead using vinyl sheathing and using ~ 5 ft of clean fill landward of bulkhead.
  2. Permit application from First Coastal on behalf of George & Susan Polsky at 133 Waters Edge, SCTM# 300-83-7-53.1 to reconstruct in-place ~ 160 ft of existing bulkhead, construct 14’ return and install 4ft wide ladder to beach.

V. Old Business:  

VI. Committee Reports:

Aquaculture:  SCALP Update
Peconic Estuary Program: Meeting update & Dr. Joyce Novak presentation
Website, Records, Internet:  Utilizing official email addresses

VII. Administrative:

  1. Payment of the Bills: East Hampton Star – $103.24 (legal notice); Optimum – $303.52; Mike DiSunno & Son, Inc. – $800.00 (Georgica Pond opening excavator 11/1/21);
  2. Financials: for the month ending December 31, 2021.  

Report of the Clerk

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