Trustee Records between 1702 and 1869 to come…

EXCERPTS FROM theRecords of the Trustees of East-Hampton, 1870-1897.

Transcribed under the direction of a committee appointed in 1925 at the expense of the Town and its authorities. Wm. T. Vaughn, Justice of the Peace, Kenneth E. Davis, Supervisor of the Committee, H.D. Sleight, Historian.   

April 20, 1870  

The Trustees elected at the Annual Town Meeting held April 6th, 1870, David H. Huntting (Chair and Clerk), Edward Dayton, Jeremiah Conklin, Benjamin H. Barnes, Sylvanus M. Osborn, Jacob O. Hopping, Timothy S. Miller, Nathaniel Dominy, Charles J. Mulford, Jonathan E. Payne, James M. Strong, and William C. King.

Committee on beaches and fisheries– Appointed David H. Huntting, Jeremiah Conklin,and Charles J. Mulford, committee on beaches and fisheries.

Committee on suits– Appointed David H. Hunting, Edward Dayton, and Benjamin H. Barnes committee on suits.  To defend the Seaweed suit of 1870 of David S. Sherry (relating to the North West beach against the land of Josiah Kirk).


The Eliot Indian Bible sells for $1,050. Cockenoe, a Montauk Indian that was the counselor and brother-in-law of Wyandanch, acted as interpreter and aided Eliot in translating the Bible to the Indian language.  In 1927, the Gardiners of Gardiners Island were said to have a copy and another copy was able to be seen in at the Jermain Library in Sag Harbor. The longest word in the Indian Bible is in the 40th verse of the 1st Chapter of St. Mark.

It is wutteppdesittukqussunnoowehtunquoh, which is interpreted as kneeling unto him.

April 11, 1871

The Trustees elected at the Annual Town Meeting held April 4th, 1871, David H. Huntting (Clerk), Edward Dayton, Abraham B. Dayton, James M. Hedges, Joseph G. Osborn, Elisha P. Mulford, Abraham S. Parsons, George L. Miller, Albert L. Hedges, Benjamin H. Barnes, George S. Schellinger, David Talmage.

Letting of fishing rights on Hicks Island– The Clerk reported that the Committee on fisheries of last year had hired to Andrew Racket the privilege of landing nets, pound poles, and fishing apparatus on Hicks Island for the year 1871 for five dollars, payable in advance.

Lease of Napeague fishing station– Agreed to lease the fishing station at Napeague heretofore occupied by the Luce Brothers to M P. Green for the year 1871 for Thirty five dollars to be paind in advance.

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