East Hampton High School Science Research Symposium

April 11, 2024

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EHHS Senior Lola Garneau and her parents Courtney and EH Trustee Tim Garneau
EHHS Senior Lola Garneau and her parents Courtney and EH Trustee Tim Garneau Photo Susan McGraw-Keber

The Science Research program is a three-year program where students partake in a rigorous, applied science research experience. Science research is demanding, and for that reason,self-motivation and a high work ethic are vital to success. One of our goals for this program is to help each Science student fuel their interests in the sciences by facilitating authentic science research while sharing our own past research experiences.

The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of research methodology in the natural sciences and is directed to those students who wish to pursue excellence and progress into an advanced area or original research. Emphasis is on both laboratory and bibliographic research.

Students are involved in the process of online bibliographic research and can access scientific databases. Student commitment to long-term, focused research that demonstrates initiative, perseverance and creativity is developed and fostered with the future goals of entering competitions such as the Regeneron Science Talent Search, the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, and the Lonog Island Science Congress, and affiliated national and international competitions.

As part of this program, students are encouraged to locate and communicate with a mentor who is actively researching their topic of interest. We aid the students in this search, but the responsibility is theirs to to find a mentor and establish a research relationship where they can work on their topic in their mentor’s affiliated laboratory. While many of our students have found mentors, several are still in search of one. As you go around to the student posters this evening, please ask them about their research plans and their search for a mentor.

With a mentor established, and in conjunction with the other course requirements, students are able to earn college credits for their research work at East Hampton. Our program is affiliated with the University at Albany’s University in the High School Program. Stuents who meet the guidelines, including two summer sessions of research, are enrolled for the entire program during their high school career and achieve all requirements are eligible to graduate with 12 SUNY credits by the end of their senior year. They would not only leave the program with a variety of research skills, but they would be laying the foundation of a college transcript.

This program has only been possible with the full support of the East Hampton School Board, Administration, and fellow faculty members. Our entire East Hampton community has provided a plethora of support in multiple areas. For that support, we are most grateful. We are thrilled to be part of this program and we hope that you enjoy tonight’s showcase of research. Please take time to visit with as many students as possible. Together we have high aspirations for this program in the future, and we are looking forward to sharing our experiences with you.


Dr. Stephanie Forsberg: Science Research Teacher

Dr. Paul Rabito: Science Research Teacher

Mrs. Renee McGuire: Department Coordinator

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