Meeting: February 12, 2024


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

Harbor Management Committee:

Sag Harbor Village Harbormaster and Trustees – Outer Mooring Management

Georgica and Ponds:

Billy Mack of First Coastal on behalf of Michael Schultz with a application for Phragmite removal at 1 Eel Cove, Wainscott.  SCTM# 300-200-3-19.


Robert Vasiluth of SAVE Environmental -Eelgrass Restoration Project which does the seeding of eel grass with Shellfish Hatchery – Applying for WQTAC funding needs Trustee Authorization letter.


Lisa Poyer of Twin Forks Permitting – Request to renew Trustee Permit A #4-22 issued to 75 Water’s Edge Rd, SCTM# 300-88-7-10, for bulkhead replacement.

III. New Business


East Hampton Village – proposed changes to the Village Code

Lazy Point:

Request from Gerard Butts to add Susan Farrell to his lease at 196 Shore Rd, Lot 27N, SCTM# 300-85-9-1-9.1

Request from Daniel Neuwirth to sublet his Lazy Point lease at 216 Shore Rd, Lot 21N, to Justin Schwartz. SCTM #300-85-1-1.5.

East Hampton Town Trustees Scholarship:

IV. Old Business

  • Trustee record digitization – Seery Systems, Inc
  • Resolution to Designate Francis Bock as signatory for an Appeal Bond.

V. Committee Reports


Science Fair at the Montauk School

Peconic Estuary Program:

Meeting update

Largest Clam Contest:

Choose event date

VI. Announcements

  • Thank you note from Finn O’Rourke, Satellite Tagging of Sharks

VII. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:

Optimum – $150.24.  


From the meeting of January 24, 2024


Financials for the month ended December 31, 2023

VIII. Report of the Clerk

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