Surfrider LI Chapter : “Skip the Stuff” Proposal to the Village

Surfrider LI Chapter "Skip the Stuff" proposal with supporters at LTV Studios December 2023
Surfrider LI Chapter “Skip the Stuff” proposal with supporters at LTV Studios December 2023 Photo Durell Godfrey

Surfrider Long Island Chapter‘s Coordinator, Jenna Schwerzmann and members came to LTV Studios to propose to the Village of East Hampton legislation to “Skip the Stuff” – single-use plastic utensils, condiments, napkins, and other items take-out restaurants or delicatessens regularly provide to customers at check-out that end up as debris in our environment. New York City has been successful with the implementation of the same program – “Ask the customers if they need these items before providing them” is key to this effort. Education is a large part of changing the way business is conducted. When adults and our youth understand what happens to single-use plastics they are more than willing and happy to “Skip the Stuff” if they don’t need them. Many people purchase food for take-out and go home where utensils and condiments are plentiful.

Attending the Village’s meeting were members of the Girl Scouts, adults who support Surfrider’s proposal, students from East Hampton High School including Lola Garneau, a senior student. She gave a passionate and fact filled address to the board. Environmental activism is a family pursuit- Ms. Garneau is the daughter of Trustee Tim Garneau and Courtney Garneau who is the former Surfrider L.I. Chapter’s former director.

East Hampton Town Trustee and certified rescue diver, Susan McGraw-Keber, stressed the importance of educating students and adults alike about the impact of plastic in our environment, and for aviary and marine wildlife, as well as the detrimental consequences to human beings. As a scuba diver, she said the ocean is sadly filled with debris of all kind and that plastic is the predominant culprit found.

Ms. McGraw-Keber read aloud two letters to Mayor Jerry Larsen and the Village board members in support of the legislation: From The East Hampton Middle School Surfrider Club members whose director is also a Town Trustee, teacher David Cataletto, and from Beyond Plastics, Jenny Gitlitz, Director of Solutions to Plastic Solutions.

From The East Hampton Middle School Surfrider Club:

From Jenny Gitlitz, Director of Solutions to Plastic Pollution – Beyond Plastics:

Beyond Plastics ltr to EH Village Board re Skp the Stuff

Here is The East Hampton Star article by Christopher Gangemi:

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