Meeting: April 24, 2023

I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. New Business

Dr. Christopher Gobler – Toxic dinoflagellate blooms appearing on the east end

IV. Old Business

  1. Request from Rick Whalen, on behalf of Cynthia Crain on 864 Springs Fireplace Rd., to relocate the existing dock eastward so that the ramp to the dock lands on the TOEH Easement.
  2. Dead Trees on Bull Path

V. Committee Reports

1. Accabonac/Hog Creek
  1. Request from Land Planning Services, on behalf of Bonnie Maslin of 307 Kings Point Rd., to renew Trustee Permit HC-1-22.
  2. Request from Keith Grimes on behalf of 91 Water’s Edge, to replace existing bulkhead.
2. Harbor Management
  1. Moorings – Guidance Re: Moorings left in over winter.
  2. Request from Jim Walker to modify Trustee Permit NAP-1-22 regarding dredging at Devon Yacht Club.
3. Napeague/ Lazy Point

Request from Charlie Whitmore, to sub-let his Lazy Point Leasehold 192 Shore Road, to Mark Webb

4. Pump Out Boat

Pump Out Boat – purchase pumps & supplies for season.

VI. Committee Liaisons

VII. Administrative

1. Payment of the bills:

a) Riverhead Building Supply – $888.12 – (kayak racks); b) Staples – $13.49.

2. Renewal of CD

a) Decide whether to renew CD ended 6683 maturing of 5/26/23 – $8,593.00

b) Decide whether to renew CD ended 7248 maturing 6/7/23 – $191,051.00

VIII. Report of the Clerk

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