Meeting: February 13, 2023


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. New Business

  • NYCLASS Investment Pool
  • Montauk Friends of Erin St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • Management/ tracking of Outstanding matters (placeholder)

IV. Old Business 

  • Multi-year maintenance permits – Tracking & Fees upfront vs. year to year.

V. Committee Reports

1. Beaches:

  • Scott Dobriner, Inter-Science and Eric Brown, Ackerman, Pachman, Brown & Goldstein, LLP, on behalf of Traumhaus 1 & 2, located at 69 & 75 West End Rd LLC, request permission to re-construct the existing contiguous revetment fronting the properties.

2. Georgica:

  • Scott Dobriner, Inter-Science, on behalf of 24 West End Rd, LLC, SCTM #301-15-2-5.1, with a request to close out Trustee Permit GP #2 -21 for Phragmite Cutting and Native Vegetation Planting.
  • James L. Walker, Inter-Science, on behalf of CG85, LLC, located at 104 Georgica Close Road, SCTM # 300-200-3-8, requesting a permit for shoreline restoration and phragmite cutting and management.

3. Three Mile Harbor:

  • Request from Billy Mack of First Coastal on behalf of Jerome Griffith, of 60 Hedges Banks Drive, SCTM # 300-35-1-1.7, to renew Trustee Permit T-3-22 which expires on 3/13/23 for Bluff Stabilization.

The items below are all being requested or submitted by Mark Mendelman:

  • Three Mile Harbor Marina requests approval to replace 380 Ft of existing Bulkhead with new Vinyl C-Lok bulkhead 18” higher than existing.
  • Three Mile Harbor Marina is has applied for a 10-year maintenance permit for the work associated with T-3-18.
  • Three Mile Harbor Marina requests renewal of Permit T-2-22 which expires 2/13/23; They completed installation of 7 finger piers in 2022 and need to install the last three.
  • Harbor Marina will update the board on Activities completed under Trustee Permit T-1-22.
  • Transient Moorings – Seacoast Enterprises Associates, Inc. has submitted their 2022 list of vessels.

4. Roads:

  • Richard Whalen, Esq representing Homeowners on Crooked Highway requesting road improvements from Town.

VI. Other

  • South Fork Wind Fisheries Study – Trawl Survey Update.
  • CPF Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee
  • Proposed Peconic Estuary Program Project List
  • Chatfield’s Hole
  • New York State Senate has re-entered the release of balloons in the state of New York.

VII. Administrative

Payment of the Bills: a) Optimum – $64.89; b) Staples – $149.91 & $78.63; c) Van Dyke and Hand – $845.00 (Accountant)

Other: Estimate for cost of Kayak & Mooring Permit Stickers for 2023 – $600. Includes stickers for the town.

CD: Certificate of deposit ending in #1633 is maturing on 2/16/23.

Minutes: The Minutes for the meeting of January 23, 2023 are available for review.

Financials: The Financials for the months of December 2022 and January 2023 are available for review.

VII. Report of the Clerk

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