Meeting: May 9, 2022


I.  Roll Call:

II. Public Hearing:

  1. Hearing of Public Comment regarding Open Meetings Law
  2. Board Discussion Open Meetings Procedures Resolution

Proposal(opens in a new tab)

III. New Business:

  1. Dr. Chris Gobler 2022 Proposal
  2. Pride Parade Participation Request
  3. Horseshoe Crab Counts
  4. Accabonac Marsh Restoration Workshop

IV. Old Business:

V. Committee Reports:

  1. Education: Website Renewal Proposal – Michael Hansen
  2. Kayaks: Kayak Plan with Marine Patrol
  3. Georgica: Phragmite management program update
  4. Pump-Out Boat: Update on 2022 Season

VI. Administrative:

Payment of the Bills: a) Optimum: $30.84; Staples – $65.33

Financials: for the month ending March 31, 2022

Minutes: April 25, 2022

VII. Report of the Clerk:

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