August 9, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. Presentation of NW Harbor Area Research Findings
    Steven Boerner and Richard Whalen, Esq:
  2. Richard Whalen, Esq representing Cynthia Crain, the owner of 864 Springs Fireplace Rd, SCTM # 300-63-3-29.5, regarding the dimensions of her dock.

III. New Business

  1. Preliminary committee discussions of kelp culture in Trustee Waters
  1. Request from Thomas Osborne of Osborne and McGowan, P.C., on behalf of the owners of 141 Merchants Path, SCTM # 300-155-1-36.3 to be granted an access easement over a Trustee Road in order to access Merchants Path.
Three Mile Harbor
  1. ZBA notice of Complete Application from Joel Halsey of Lighthouse Land Planning, on behalf of George Schwarz, owner of 32 Hedges Bank Drive, SCTM # 300-35-5-1, who has applied to the Town for permission to install a pool, pool house and deck.

IV. Old Business

1. Signs for the Kayak Racks – Permit required to store your Kayak

V. Committee Reports

  1. 2021 Accabonac Mosquito Larvae Survey
  2. Sunset Cove Marina, Jeff Nicholas, East Hampton Oyster Company, update from the DEC on application to install a oyster nursery and grow out facility.

1) Largest Clam Contest

  1. Request from Scott Dobriner of Inter-Science to renew Trustee Permit GP #4 -20 for shoreline restoration, with all the same terms and conditions, issued to the owners of 24 West End Road, SCTM# 301-15-3-5.1.
Napeague/ Lazy Point
  1. Request to Transfer the Lease held by Adam and Amy King, leaseholders of 176 Shore Rd, Lot # 32N, SCTM # 300- 85- 01- 14.1, in Lazy Point to Margaret A. Schlitt,  Town of East Hampton resident. 
  2. Lazy Point Lot Leases prospective tenant outline posted to the Trustee website.

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills 

a) East Hampton Marina – $654.93 (gas) b) Optimum – $152.02; c) Seacoast Enterprises – $149.95 (VHF Radio); d) Nawrocki Smith, CPA – $8,000.00 (Auditor).

Minutes to Approve: June 26, 2021 and July 12, 2021

Financial Report: for the Month ended July 31, 2021

Renewal of the Certificate of Deposit: ended 5679             

VII. Report of the Clerk

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