July 26, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. New Business

  • Commercial Shellfish Landings Report
Napeague/ Lazy Point
  • Request to Transfer the Lease held by Adam and Amy King, tenant at 176 Shore Rd, Lot # 32N in Lazy Point, SCTM #  300-085-1-14.1, to Margaret Ardsley Schlitt, Town of East Hampton resident.
  • Request from the Trustee of the Caroline Snow Trust to scrape and fill any large potholes with gravel on a section of the dirt Trustee Road leading to Ms. Snow’s house on the tip of Barcelona Point.

IV. Old Business

  • Staggered Terms Up-Date

V. Committee Reports

  • 2021 Accabonac Salt Marsh Mosquito Dipping Survey.
  1. Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship Merchandise Fair
  2. Largest Clam Contest
  • Georgica Pond Aquatic Weed Harvester

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills

a) East Hampton Marina – $814.25 and $58.09 (Servicing of the engine and purchasing of a part); b) Montauk Anglers Club – $257.08 (Servicing of the engine); c) Hodgson Russ – $94,584.39 (Legal advice).

Minutes to Approve
  • May 10, 2021
Financial Report
  • For the Month ended June 2021                                    

VII. Report of the Clerk

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