May 24, 2021


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. The South Fork Wind NYS Fisheries Work Plan Presentation:
    The Work Plan consists of two studies (fish tagging/acoustic telemetry and a trawl net survey) to be conducted along the proposed South Fork Export Cable route in the nearshore waters off of East Hampton. South Fork Wind, LLC has partnered with local and regional marine science and fisheries researchers from Stony Brook University, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Monmouth University. Researchers from each organization will be presenting and discussing the purpose and research goals of these planned multi-year studies.
  1. Richard Whalen representing Cynthia Crain, owner of 864 Springs Fireplace Road, SCTM #300-063-03-29.5, who is looking to legalize her dock replacement/ expansion.

III. New Business

Lazy Point/ Napeague
  1. Request from Susan Knobel, leaseholder at 100 Shore Rd, Lots 52N & 53 N, in Lazy Point, for permission to replace an aging front step/deck

IV. Old Business

  1. Horseshoe Crab Survey

V. Committee Reports

  1. Salt Marsh Habitat Restoration
  2. Kelp Farming request for Trial lines in Trustee Waters
  1. 2021 Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship
  2. Annual Trustee Donation to Scholarship Fund
  3. Balloon Legislation
Harbor Management
  1. Committee Report
  2. Powering of Soft Clams

VI.        Administrative

  1. Payment of the Bills:
    1. Intact Insurance – $596.00 (additional insurance premium for the new pump out boat)
    2. East Hampton Star – 25.71 (Legal Ad)
    3. Montauk Angler’s Club – $381.00 (Scheduled 20 hour servicing for new Yamaha engine)
    4. Montauk Marine Basin – $197.73 (Supplies)
    5. East Hampton Marina – $147.80 – (Gas)

VII.       Report of the Clerk

Presentation Agenda

  • Introduction/Background: South Fork Wind NYS Fisheries Work Plan (10 min)
  • Study 1: South Fork Export Cable Telemetry Project (20 min: SBU, Monmouth University)
    • Research Need and Questions, Approach, Methods
  • Study 2: South Fork Wind Export Cable Trawl Survey (20 min: CCE)
    • Research Need and Questions, Approach, Methods
  • Question and Answer Period (~10-20 min)

List of Researchers

  • Stony Brook University (SBU)
    • Robert Cerrato (Presenter)
    • Michael Frisk (Presenter)
    • Evan Ingram
    • Bradley Peterson (Presenter)
  • Monmouth University
    • Keith Dunton (Presenter)
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE)
    • Matthew Sclafani
    • Scott Curatolo-Wagemann (Presenter)
    • Emerson Hasbrouck

South Fork Wind Representatives

  • Jennifer Garvey
  • Melanie Gearon (may assist in answering project questions, provide opening comments)
  • Greg DeCelles (may assist in answering project questions, provide opening comments)
  • Jeffrey Westermeyer
  • Marvin Bellis

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