March 8, 2021


I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

  1. John “Barley” Dunne”

III. New Business:

  1. Powering of Soft Clams

IV. Old Business:

  1. Accabonac Harbor Salt Marsh Restoration
  2. Gerard Drive Culvert
  3. Georgica Pond Dredging
  4. New Kayak Racks – Committee Report

V. Committee Reports:

  1. 2021 Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship
Northwest Creek:
  1. Hedges Bank area and Sammy’s Beach Plastic Debris
Pump out Boats:
  1. Update from the Committee
  1. Update on new website
  1. Shore Road, Lazy Point – discuss repairing a short, rutted out section of road

VI. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills:  a) Staples – $449.99 (purchase of a new color printer)
  2. Minutes:  December 14, 2020
  3. Financial Reports:  for the month ended January 31, 2021

VII. Report of the Clerk:

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