January 25, 2021


I. Roll Call:

II. Public Comment:

  1. Rick Whalen, Esq., on behalf of Cynthia Crain, regarding her Dock at 864 Springs Fireplace Road, SCTM# 300-63-3-29.5.
  2. Madeline Narvilas, Esq, Tyler Armstrong and Mr. John McGinn, regarding the application of Mr. McGinn & Mr. Carey of 275 TMH, HC Rd, SCTM# 300-75-1-32.2, to construct a new dock in front of their home.
  3. Eric Brown, Esq. and Scott Dobriner, with a request for a permit modification to Trustee Permit GP #4–20 issued on September 9, 2020 for phragmite management, to reflect the conditions of the East Hampton Village permit issued to the owners of 24 West End Road, on Georgica Pond.

III. New Business:

  1. 2021 Devon Yacht Club Annual Dredging Application. Located at Abrahams Landing Rd and Bendigo Rd, SCTM# 300-127-3-16.

IV. Old Business:

  1. Discussion on the Public Comments received regarding three proposed draft agreements between South Fork Wind, LLC and the East Hampton Town Trustees – The Land Lease Agreement, The Host Community Agreement and Dredged Sand Transportation Agreement. Trustees to vote on said agreements. Trustees to also vote, on an agreement between the Town and the Trustees regarding these matters and a resolution to accept these agreements.
  2. Kayak – Rules and Regulations – Overview and discussion

V. Committee Reports:

  1. Town ZBA hearing for the property owned by Ronald Lauder, 118 Beach Lane, SCTM # 200-202-2-7. which fronts on the Ocean and Wainscot Pond to rebuild a home.
  1. 2020-21 Phragmite Renewal Program
  1. Town Line Road

VI. Administrative:

  1. Payment of Bills:
    1. Ken Rousell Inc. – $42,380.00 (dredging of Fresh Pond;
    2. Bistrian Materials Inc. – $40,850 (moving of the sand at Louse Point for beach nourishment on the public beach, where needed).
  2. Minutes: None
  3. Financial Reports: for the month ended December 31, 2020

VII. Report of the Clerk:

  1. Discuss the staggering of election cycles for Trustees

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