Applications & Fees


TRUSTEE PERMIT GENERAL APPLICATION: A Trustee Permit is required for all work listed below. No work or other activity covered by a Trustee Permit may be undertaken before the Trustees have granted their approval.Applicants must carefully review the Trustees Rules and Regulations prior to completing and submitting a General Permit Application (found below and on the 'Links' page of this website).A Trustee Permit Application must be submitted for all of the following:
Repair, replacement, or renovation of existing bulkheads,docks,stairways,revetments, pilings or other structures. Dune or beach restorations, grading, filling or other beach work. Phragmite removal and beach grass or other plantings. Dredging, excavation or grading. All fencing, sandbag placement and stairways also require Trustee approval.There may be other activities that require a Trustee permit.Please contact the Trustees if you have any questions 631-267-8688.
Fees: $100.00 for the first application and $75.00 for one renewal.
SHORELINE FENCE PERMITS: A Trustee Permit General Application form must be submitted for installation of all fencing on Trustee beaches.Erosion control shoreline fencing installed on ocean-beach properties must be removed by March 15th.Property owners are responsible for removal of damaged fencing and removal upon the end of the permit period.Violators without Trustee Permit are subject to fines and the costs of removal. Applicants should also determine if permission is required from any other agency.  Fee: S75.00

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    A Trustee Permit General Application must be submitted for all bulkhead repair or replacement projects.New bulkheads are not permitted except in extreme cases of imminent danger to structures on upland property.Replacement behind an existing bulkhead is generally permitted.Applicants should also determine if permission is required from any other agency.Violators that repair or replace a bulkhead without a Trustee Permit are subject to fines and the cost of removal.

  • BEACHING OF SMALL BOATS / KAYAK STORAGE: Unless specified otherwise, small un-powered vessels, such as canoes, tenders, sailfish, hobie cats, etc. may be placed on any Trustee beach from April 15th to November 1st of each year with the following conditions: 1) Boat shall not impede the public in transit to the water or along the beach .2) Boat must be completely out of the water at high tide and be properly secured.
    3) BOAT SHALL NOT BE PLACED ON BEACH GRASS OR ANY VEGETATION ON THE BEACH. 4) Boat shall not be placed on any designated bathing beach. If boat is left on the beach after November 1st, it will be placed in a designated impound area within the Town of East Hampton and a fee in the amount of $250.00 per boat will be charged for release of said boat. The boat owner should contact the Trustee office to make arrangements to pay fee and have boat released. NOTE: The storage of small boats on the racks at Louse Point (Accabonac Harbor), Gerard Drive, Mile Hill Road and Settler's Landing (Three Mile Harbor) is by permit only. Please go to the contact us page or email us at  Leave your name, phone number, and mailing address to be included on a list for a lottery that will be held each year in March.  There are currently 80 permits issued at Louse Point, 40 at Gerard Drive, 24 at Mile Hill Road and 48 at Settler's Landing. Selected participants will receive a permit application form by mail following the lottery.

    The Kayak Racks are sold out for the 2020 Season - Fees: Louse Point (Accabonac Harbor), Gerard Drive, Mile Hill Road and Settler's Landing (Three Mile Harbor) $200.00 per boat.
    Limit one, per person, per year.
  • VEHICLE PERMITS: BEACH PARKING PERMITS: The Trustees do not regulate parking at local beaches. East Hampton Town beach parking permits may be obtained from the Town Clerk's office located at 159 Pantigo Road.East Hampton Village beach parking permits may be obtained at the Village Hall located at 86 Main Street. Please note that Town parking permits are not valid at Village beaches, and Village permits are not valid at Town beaches. State and County beaches additionally have their own permitting systems. BEACH DRIVING PERMITS: East Hampton resident beach vehicle permits are available to residents at no cost. They can be obtained at the Town Clerk's office located at 159 Pantigo Road.Non-residents must pay an annual fee. It is a violation of East Hampton Town Code to drive on the beach without a Town permit and violators are subject to fines and loss of beach driving privileges.
  • Applicants must have a valid driver's license, proof of liability insurance,a current vehicle registration, and current inspection sticker. They must carry a towrope or chain, jack, and spare tire. The permit must be displayed on the back bumper of vehicle. Permits are valid on the beaches within East Hampton Town and Village, outside of the State and County Parks.  Please call 631-324-4142 for Town Beach Driving or parking permits. A copy of the rules and regulations on beach driving is available at the Town Clerk's office 


  • SPECIAL EVENTS:  The Trustees require a Trustee Consent application to be submitted to the Trustee office for any gathering that is catered and is being held on a Trustee beach whether it is located in the Town or Village of East Hampton. The application should indicate the place, date, time of event, the number of people, and importantly, whether the event plans to install structures such as a tent, dance platform on the beach during the event. Any structure to be placed on the beach also requires Trustee permission. Gatherings on the beach that have less than 50 people and no structures do not need a permit from the Trustees in either the Village or the Town of East Hampton.  Please feel free to call or email the Trustees with any questions. 631-267-8688 or  No fee.
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    The Trustees require a Trustee Consent application be filled out for any Mass Gathering on Trustee managed property. Click on the MASS GATHERINGS link above to download the form.


  • PROTECTION OF ENDANGERED SPECIES IN THE TOWN OF EAST HAMPTON: It is prohibited in the Town of East Hampton to disturb or endanger in any way the bird protection areas on the beaches.The common tern, least tern, roseate tern, and piping plovers are all endangered species and are protected by New York State law from any harassment.The piping plover and roseate tern are also protected under the Endangered Species Act and thus by Federal law.Other species, including certain endangered plants, are also protected by New York State Laws.Defacing or the removing of wildlife signs will result in a penalty up to $250.