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“Two years after banning the intentional release of balloons, the East Hampton Town Board appears poised to go further by also enacting a ban on the sale and distribution of filled latex and Mylar balloons. Susan McGraw Keber, a town trustee, was joined by several students and educators at the
Some 17,000 cubic yards of sand were deposited on the downtown beach at a cost of $767,000, which is shared by East Hampton Town and Suffolk County. Photo by Jane Bimson. “The annual sand replenishment at the ocean beach in downtown Montauk is complete, East Hampton Town Supervisor Peter Van
“East Hampton Town will introduce legislation that would ban the sale of helium balloons in the town after an appeal by students and members of the community who said balloons are an ugly nuisance and an environmental hazard. A group of advocates and students led by East Hampton Town Trustee
The East Hampton Town Trustees want a study of fish stocks in the region to start immediately to get two years of baseline sampling before construction begins on the South Fork Wind Farm in 2023 so that the impacts of the wind farm on fish migrations can be tracked. Members
The Georgica Pond weed harvester was used in 2016. By Christopher Walsh of the East Hampton Star The East Hampton Town Trustees have given unanimous approval to the Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation, a group of pondfront property owners, to employ an aquatic weed harvester to extract plant material from

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