Beach Safety Tips for Swimming

Town of East Hampton

Beach Safety poster


🌊🏖️ Beach Safety Reminder! 🏖️🌊

1️⃣ Know the water conditions.

2️⃣ Always swim near a lifeguard.

3️⃣ Be aware of your surroundings.

4️⃣Do not underestimate the power of the surf.

5️⃣ Watch the winds.

6️⃣ Remember, boogie board and surfboard leashes can break.

7️⃣ Dig holes no deeper than knee high of the smallest person in your group, and fill them in before you leave.

8️⃣ If you see a swimmer in distress, call 911. Do not attempt a rescue without a flotation device.

Stay safe and enjoy the beach responsibly! 🌞🌊

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