Meeting: May 31, 2024


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  • Sara Davison, Executive Director of the Friends of Georgica Pond, with a request for the sampling of water and sediments at Georgica Cove, for a Photocatalytic Lab experiment

III. New Business

  • Reclassification of a section of Napeague Harbor to seasonally uncertified for shellfish harvesting

IV. Old Business

  • Trustees Horseshoe Crab monitoring
  • Hampton’s Pride Parade
  • Response from Dr. Gobler regarding the ownership of research data

V. Committee Reports

Accabonac/ Hog Creek
  • Request from LPS to close out Trustee permit HC – 1 – 23 issued to Bonnie Maslin, owner of 307 Kings Point Rd, SCTM# 300-24-1-11, for the completion of the sand replacement and revegetation work permitted under Trustee Permit HC – 1 -22.
Harbor Management
  • Update on the dredging at the Devon Yacht Club
Pump Out Boats
  • 2024 Pump out Boat Season update

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:

a) East Hampton Star – $207.51 (legal ad); b) Seacoast Enterprises – $588.28 (pump out boat supplies); c) LA Management – $881.00 (pump out boat); d) East Hampton Marina – $314.50 (pump out boat gas).


The minutes of the meeting of May 13, 2024, are available for review.

Certificate of Deposit: 

Close out the CD ended 6683 and the CD ended 7248 upon maturing.


The financials for the month ending March 31, 2024, are available for review.

VII. Report of the Clerk

Donation to the Scholarship Fund of $250 from Neal & Anita Pilzer

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