ChangeHampton! End of Year Summary : What We Can Do for Our Planet

You already know what we are facing—after the hottest year on record in the US since we started recording temps in 1880;  forest fires, floods, droughts, the impact of rising temperatures on our forests, agriculture, oceans and marine life; the complexity of contaminants in our drinking water and bays, and in the air; the increased diseases attacking species of trees, and the collapse of birds, insects and native bees.  We could go on and on, but we sense you know at least some of this existential crisis we are facing. 


This is the question that inspired us to form ChangeHampton!

How can we promote,  educate and model new restorative, healthy, non-toxic, bio-diverse and resilient landscaping practices to increase carbon sequestering of our natural landscape, to combat global warming, to improve the hydrologic cycle and the health of our soils and air; to improve the quality of our drinking water and bays; and to nurture birds and pollinator and other beneficial insects so vital to our survival? 

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