The Opening of Georgica Pond

October 11, 2023

Georgica Pond cut to the ocean waters October 11, 2023
Photos: East Hampton Town Trustee John Aldred

The Trustees open Georgica Pond twice a year to the ocean—in the Fall and Spring. The cut provides a balanced salinity, oxygen, and migration of fish and other living organisms inhabiting the pond that benefit each. Historically, the letting of the pond has been done since pre-colonial times.

On October 11, 2023, the East Hampton Town Trustees opened Georgica Pond to the ocean. The goal of the Fall letting is to provide tidal exchange between the ocean and the pond. The next cut will be scheduled during Spring 2024.

Attending the bi-annual event were Trustee Clerk, Francis Bock; Trustee John Aldred; Executive Director of Friends of Georgica Pond Foundation (FOGP) Sara Davison; FOGP Government Relations Advisor; Larry Cantwell; and Pete Grimes of East End Excavating.

Georgica Pond let October 11, 2023  2
Georgica cut October 11, 2023 4
Georgica cut October 11, 2023 3

From the East Hampton Library archives- Georgica Gut, circa 1927-1935- this is how Georgica Pond was opened- initially, the Indigenous people used clam shells to dig the sand to let the pond!

From the East Hampton Library archives –

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