Meeting: August 14, 2023


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  • Susan Knobel, owner of 100 Shore Rd, SCTM# 300-85-1-27.1, with a request to renew her burlap sandbag permit to protect her home from storm erosion
  • Jim Walker from Inter-Science on behalf of Ginny Schmidt, owner of 235 Kings Point Rd – SCTM# 300-24-1-32- application for Bluff Restoration
  • Jim Walker for Inter-Science on behalf of CG85, LLC, owner of 104 Georgica Close Road, – SCTM# 301-7-4-14.2- Application for Phragmite Management
  • Sag Harbor Water Quality Initiative – Mary Ann Eddy
  • Valerie Palmieri- Lions Head Beach Association – Environmental remediation program for Swan Pond

III. New Business

  • 2023 Largest Clam Contest

IV. Old Business

  • Mosquito Larvae counts on the full moon

V. Committee Reports

  • Crooked Highway Road Improvements – “Petition from homeowners off a portion of Crooked Highway to the Town Board requesting they authorize and approve the construction and paving of said open portion of Crooked Highway” (excerpt of complete request).

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:

a) East Hampton Marina – $654.95 (Fuel); b) Seacoast Enterprises – $55.98 (supplies); c) Montauk Anglers Club – $1,364.01 (Servicing of boat); d) Montauk Marine Basin – $680.76 (Fuel); e) Optimum – $150.24; f) Van Dyke & Hand CPA – $720.00 (Accountant).


For the months of March, April, May, June, and July 2023

VII. Report of the Clerk

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