Meeting: February 27, 2023


I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

  1. Garrett Boudinot, Basalt Powder in Aquaculture to Reduce Acidification and Remove Carbon Dioxide.
  2. Sara Davison, FOGP, 2023 Aquatic Harvester Resolution
  3. Thomas Osborne – Midland Highway easement

III. New Business

IV. Old Business

V. Committee Reports

  1. Accabonac
    • Dredging of East Channel Update
    • Dredging of Culvert on Gerard Drive Update
  2. Beaches
    • Mile Hill Road end – Beach replenishment
  3. Georgica
  4. Kayaks
    • Estimate from Chris Hamilton for cost of work to build & repair kayak racks.
    • Kayak Lottery will be held March 15th. All entries must be no later than March 14th at 12 P.M.
  5. Three Mile Harbor
    • Request from Keith Grimes, on behalf of John Herrlin of 183 Three Mile Harbor HC Rd, SCTM# 300-94-1-2.001, to remove existing bulkhead and replace with vinyl sheeting.  
    • Request from First Coastal on behalf of Jerome Griffith, of 60 Hedges Banks, SCTM # 300-35-1-1.7, to renew Trustee Permit T-3-22 for Bluff Stabilization.

VI. Announcements:

  • NYS Senate – Re-introduced Ban on Intentional Release of Balloons bill.
  • Dr. Christopher Gobler to present 2022 Report on March 13th & Subcommittee Planning Meeting March 14th via Zoom.

VII. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:



Minutes: The minutes from the meeting of February 13, 2023 are available for review.

Financials: for months ended 12/31/22 & 1/31/23

IX. Report of the Clerk

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