Meeting: January 23, 2023

I. Roll Call

II. Public Comment

III. Committee Assignments

IV. New Business

  • Molly Graffam, of Cornell Cooperative Extension, to present upcoming project in Georgica Pond to probe sediment to sample porewater to understand loading in groundwater discharge zones and to request a mooring permit with an exception allowing the utilization of a motorized vessel to conduct the research.
  • Robert Vasiluth of “Safe Environmental” – Eel grass growing project.
  • Marina DeLuca of Group for the East End – East End Osprey safe habitat locations/nesting.
  • Requests from both Inter-Science & First Coastal for Trustees to consider issuing Multi-Year Maintenance Permits (i.e. for properties such as 85 & 93 West End Road where the same work is completed year over year.)

V. Old Business

VI. Committee Reports

  1. Aquaculture – NYS Shellfish Restoration Plan – Town/Trustees Outreach Survey.
  2. Education – EH Star coverage on Scholarship name change.
  3. Kayaks –  Revisit Mile Hill kayak rack discussion.

VII. Other

  • NY Natural Heritage Program has documented as a coastal plain pond shore project.
  • Chatfield’s Hole

VIII. Administrative

Payment of the Bills:  East Hampton Star – $60.04; Optimum – $167.62; *Note: Bill paid to LTV 1/6/23 for $200 for filming the Largest Clam Contest.

Minutes:  The minutes for the meetings of December 12, 2022 and January 9, 2023 are available for review.

Financials: The Financials for the month ending December 31, 2022 are available for review.

VII. Report of the Clerk

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