Meeting: April 25, 2022


I.    Roll Call

II.  Public Comment

  1. Request from Chris Vatter for a memorandum of completion for re-construction of bulkhead, deck and shed at 272 Shore Rd Lots 8 & 9 in Lazy Point.

III. New Business

  1. Review of Open Meetings Law per Chris Carillo
  2. Report of shoaling in Accabonac Inlet
  3. Kayak Vessel ID Stickers

IV.  Old Business

  1. CARP Update & Letter of Support discussion
  2. 2022 Piping Plover Monitoring
  3. Removal of unpermitted moorings off Hampton Waters Bulkhead; Request for mooring off Folkstone Rd end
  4. Captain William J. Rysam Scholarship Fund: award amount; growth strategies and history

V. Committee Reports

Education Committee:

  1. Renewal Proposal for website management received from Michael Hansen

Lazy Point/ Napeague:

  1. Request from Charlie Whitmore for approval to sublease his property at 192 Shore Rd to Mark Webb commencing on May 7, 2022 through September 7, 2022.

VI. Administrative

Payment of the Bills: a) Montauk Marine Basin – $139.19 supplies to clean boat; Riverhead Building Supply – $258.89 supplies to fix kayak racks & MTK Parade;

Financials: for the month ending February 28, 2022 and March 31, 2022

Minutes:  April 11, 2022

VII. Report of the Clerk

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