Wanted: Largest Chowder Clam

Virtual 30th Annual Clam Contest

Digging Dates: September 12 through September 19

Judging: Sunday, September 20  

  1. Only holders of a valid East Hampton Town Shellfish License may enter.   Parents may enter clams for children between the ages of 4 & 14; write their name and age, in addition to their own on each entry card.
  2. All clams entered must be caught in certified waters in East Hampton Town, between the dates of Saturday, September 12th and September 19th.
  3. Only “Hard Clams” (“Mercenaria, mercenaria”) are eligible.
  4. Contestants must comply with all shellfishing regulations.
  5. A maximum of one clam per contestant, per day may be entered.
  6. Competing clams are to be brought, prior to September 20th to one of the following places to be entered in the contest:
    1. Amagansett Seafood Store
    2. Gosman’s Fish Market, Montauk
    3. The Seafood Shop, Wainscott
    4. Stuart’s Seafood Market, Amagansett
  7. Entries are to be placed in a mesh bag provided at the above places, the drawstring of the bag pulled tight, and the card providing your name, the date and harbor of capture, stapled over the bag. (Remember to write the age of the child if entered for the junior category.)
  8. A panel of three judges will choose the winners of the contest.  Their decision is final.
  9. All entries must be submitted by September 19th.
  10. Instructions for video included with participant entry bag.

Website by Michael Hansen