Harbor Management Committee

The Harbor Management Committee(aka HMC) was founded in 2001 through a Trustee resolution in order to engage the East Hampton community in the Trustee goal of maintaining healthy water flows and navigation in our local harbors and creeks. The regular review of these waters and the development of recommendations for maintenance and improvements are important and ongoing Harbor Management Committee activities.

Harbor Management Committee members serve for three year terms working on projects such as field observation, data collection, dredging, and habitat management and reporting.  Currently up to five people can serve on the Harbor Management Committee. Members of the committee are appointed by the Trustee Board. The HMC meets monthly and reports to the Trustee Board periodically.

We are grateful for the important work the Harbor Management Committee contributes to the Trustees’ role as stewards of our local beaches and bottom lands. Please contact the East Hampton Town Trustee office should you like to be considered as a member of our HMC.