Applications & Fees


The following roads are under Trustee jurisdiction.Old Two Holes of Water; Buckskill Road(section); Edwards Hole Road;Edwards Hole road (north section); Wainscott-Northwest Road (north section); Six Pole Highway; Ancient Highway; Old Sag Harbor Road; Barnes Road; Crooked Highway; Blind Highway; Middle Highway (between Springy Banks Road & Hands Creek Road); Middle Highway (south of Stephen Hands Path); Middle Highway (Hump Path);Cross Highway to Northwest Road (Midland Highway or Grassy Hollow Road); Old Montauk Highway; Lazy Point Road (sections); Napeague Beach (UN-opened sections) and Pass Road (Passing Road).A further definition of East Hampton Town Trustee properties is in the Dongan Patent.

Note that many Trustee-owned parcels are scattered throughout the Town and Village and are not listed above.


Access easements will be granted over public roads managed by the Trustees only when no other access is possible.Access easements will require that a quit claim deed to the roadbed be submitted to the Trustees by the adjacent lot owner (applicant). Since the Trustees prefer that the Trustee roads remain in their natural state, access easement will only allow the Trustee road to be improved to private lane specifications and utilities may be installed without further approvals.Improvements beyond private lane specifications will require additional approval by the Board of Trustees.

The maximum cleared width will be 22 feet, as per private road standards. All applicants are required to furnish, at their own expense, a current survey of the Trustee road where the access is to be granted.

Trustee roads are not part of the Town Highway Department system. All Trustee roads are to be maintained by adjacent lot holders....